Civilized and Uncivilized Acts

1) God must carry Himself in a unique manner
2) The use of bad (profane) language comes from one who has no proper wisdom.
3) A wise man does not seek violence, but if violence comes to him he must defend himself.
4) Two Gods must never fight. If so, one must die.
5) The Gods must never debate with one another, but instead, research to find out.
6) The Gods must always be and deal equally with each other.
7) The Gods must always perform His duty which is to teach civilization to others.
8) Never mock those who do not understand, but instead give them the teaching of understanding.
9) A true God will always help His brother in time of need, mentally as well as physically.
10) God must always keep Himself refined, mentally as well as physically.
11) The Gods must never lie to, cheat or steal from one another for that is devilishment.
12) God is the most high and merciful, therefore has forgiveness for one’s errors.
13) Allah is all wise and does everything right and exact.
14) God must never justify a man for something He does not know.
15) You can always distinguish a wise man from a fool.
16) Always knowledge before you speak, your wisdom will gain power and strength.
17) Allah does not seek revenge, but strives for justice.
18) Always seek positive, leave negative people alone.
19) If you ever see an error in a brother’s ways and actions, then you must correct it.
20) Allah never forces anyone to do anything at anytime.
21) Allah always admits when He does not know.
22) A true God never uses math as a shield to cover His negative ways for that is a form of trick-knowledge.
23) Allah does not do anything negative at any time.
24) Never deny your brothers, always teach one another.
25) Destroy all negative thoughts from the mind, for a negative thought only brings about a negative reaction.
26) God is never afraid to ask his alikes a question, for He is only seeking knowledge.
27) A wise man never portrays the ways and actions of a savage, for it only makes you look bad.
28) A true and living God will always show His love for His brothers by being equal with His jewels.
29) People look at you by the way you speak and act, so if you speak and act negative, surely you will be considered negative.
30) Watch out for black snakes, for they are the worst kind and if ever you find one then destroy it as soon as possible.
31) Allah must always respect the Wisdom for She is necessary to produce life.
32) Study your lessons as much as possible, for the more you study, the wiser you’ll get.

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