The Anti-Apocalypse

 from the Inspired Communiqués of the Moorish Observatory

    1. The mountain moved and there was no mountain. A bush trembled, bloomed in flame. There was no smoke, no fire. A voice arose from the bush. There was no voice, no bush. The sky broke where there was no sky.
    2. The Polar Angel, whose body is the axis of the earth, whose voice is the aurora, appears in the light of darkness, all night and all day within the body of the planet. Arriving on the glory of an electrical storm, the angel speaks through a broken radio.
    3. Salutations, greetings, hello. I bring a message from the wavelengths of origin. Reflecting through your equipment, I cannot express precisely, but I can express probably.
    4. I have come to say the apocalypse has been canceled. That’s right, called off, the Horsemen, the Beast 666, the whole mega-slaughter, the oceans red with blood, all of it.
    5. I suppose you’ll want an explanation, gods know that you’re fascinated with these kinds of catastrophic scenarios to the point of morbidity.
    6. Part of the answer is that with the current, highly efficient system of daily local apocalypse a really whopping big one is seen as rather redundant. Another part relates to this very all pervasive fascination. This insistent demand. Is the here and now so desperately awful that you’re clamoring for Apocalypse as if it’s a fresh breeze?
    7. But, that’s not how it’s going to be. No matter how many megageddons you build, how many biological meltdowns are inadvertently perpetrated, how may pole shifts or ice ages are longingly invoked, it’s not going to work. There will be no hasty trumpets sounding the final round.
    8. Life did not take up residence on the caustically uncomfortable proto surface of this planet on a whim. Biology hasn’t cooked it’s slow alchemy of trial and error, the branchings of countless species and habitats, just to immolate it like some overblown Hollywood climax. The planet’s biosphere hasn’t synthesized a component of itself capable of carrying life to new systems, only to see the flower of its actions dissolve into the ground.
    9. To make it perfectly clear. Human kind is a part of the fruiting body of the planet earth that will carry the spores of life through the galaxy. Just as life was wafted here aeons ago.
    10. It is understandable that there has been some confusion. It’s just that there is really a little too much gravity on this planet. Not too much for the planet mind you, about right in fact, but a little too much gravity for your species’ optimum performance.
    11. Physicians and those with back problems have noticed a basic structural problem with your physique. Your evolution proceeded with certain compromises. One of those compromises was the natural struggle merely to remain upright and maintain correct posture.
    12. Another compromise with gravity is of a different sort. Under ideal conditions an evolution of your sort would occur on a planet with a little less gravity and a little more levity.
    13. Your powers of thought and imagination are truly remarkable, but they are held down, restrained by the apparent gravity of your situation. This is apparent gravity as it is not inherent in your environment, merely a misperception caused by your local space time curvature.
    14. In part to counteract the surface gravity of the planet and allow imagination to soar, the moon was long ago positioned in its orbit around the earth. This proved to be very effective in many ways apart from the obvious emotional side effects.
    15. Which returns the circle of meaning to the message of the apocalypse, or rather the message of the demise of apocalypse.
    16. Look folks, it’s a big wild universe around here, but it’s not the end of the world. The planet and your whole system have entered a great galactic beam of levity. This will lead to initial turmoil as the centers of gravity shift, and with them the centers of importance, seriousness and responsibility.
    17. Do not confuse this turmoil with any end of the world scenarios. Some worlds will end as the era of civilization closes. The very edifices of its authority will crumble as the upward tug of levity makes them top heavy and pulls them from their foundations.
    18. Do not be alarmed. Civilization was an expedient in the face of changing conditions on the ground. In retrospect it may have been a mistake.
    19. However that may be, it is. And that is all there is to say.
    20. Your local habitat of earth, water and sky waits available just outside your door to assist in all of your further inquiries.
    21. Where there was no sky there are wind and stars. Where there was no voice, no bush, there are leaves whispering in the breeze. Where there was no fire no smoke, there is moonlight shining through mist on a lake. Where there was no mountain, there is a traveler, walking on the mountain.
    22. The Angel departs and where there was a voice, again only a broken radio.

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