Antipodal Mecca

Pseudo-Sadhu Don Coyote and I have begun the undertaking of an MOC/Orthodox Discordian shrine, the Antipodal Mecca (as it is currently called). This shrine, once funds and means become available, will be built on the Tematangi Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia. Why, you may ask? This spot is just about exactly on the opposite side of the globe as Mecca. So, when all our (more orthodox) Moslem brothers and sisters bow down five times a day facing their shrine, they will (in effect) be mooning ours. Hail Eris!

As Diogenes the Cynic said, “To a woman who had flopped down before an altar with her butt in the air I remarked in passing that the god was also behind her.”

I should mention that Rabi’a was one of the “behind the scenes” inspirations for the project. Rabi’a (for those of you that do not know) was one of the early Sufis, she is known for having run through town with a torch and a bucket of water, threatening to dowse the flames of hell and set fire to heaven (so people would worship Allah out of love, not fear or desire for reward). Anyhow, the story of Rabi’a that helped inspire the Antipodal Mecca tells of her pilgrimage on the Hajj, when all sorts of bad things kept happening (like her donkey dying, that sort of thing). She complains to Allah that He sure is making things difficult (reminds me of St. Teresa of Avila’s comment, when her carriage had toppled over in a ditch, “God, if this is the way You treat your friends, no wonder You have so few!). Allah then made the Ka’aba appear to Rabi’a right there in the desert (much to the shock of those pilgrims already in Mecca!). Rabi’a then responded, “What need have I of the house, when it is the lord of the house I seek?”

P.S. The Orthodox Discordian zine Tsujigiri is back, with issue five, if anyone is interested please e-mail me at It’s free!

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