The Knowledge of the Cipher (Astronomical Unit)

Peace, I come in the Name of Divine Ruler Equality Allah. Here is a method for computing that “The Earth is 93,000,000 miles away from the Sun,” approximately, an Actual Fact.

Ok lets show and prove the distance of the Earth from the Sun. In actuality you would have two observers on the opposite sides of the Planet Earth. Now we know the Diameter of the Planet Earth is 7,926 miles.

So that will form the base of an acute triangle. the vertexes of the acute triangle are observer 1, observer 2, and the Sun.

Now observer 1 measures the Sun to be at some angle theta below the horizon, and the other observer observers the sun to be at an angle phi below the horizon, with respect to some star which is FAR away so that the far star does not change position significantly as we travel from one side of the planet to the other.

Now the angles of a triangle add up to what? 180 degrees
The angle between observer 1, observer 2 and the Sun is 90 – theta.
The angle between observer 2, observer 1 and the Sun is 90 – phi.
Now 180 degrees = (90 – theta) + (90 – phi) + the angle between observer 1, the sun and observer 2
We will call the angle between observer 1, the Sun and observer 2 alpha

So using Al-Jabr we see that
180 = 180 – theta – phi + alpha
alpha – theta – phi = 0
alpha = theta + phi

Now what the two observors will observe is
theta = 0.00244 degrees
phi = 0.00244 degrees

for instance

So alpha = theta + phi
= 0.00244 + 0.00244 = 0.00488 degrees
now the distance from the earth to the sun will be
d = diameter of earth / tan (alpha)
d= 7926 miles / tan (0.00488 degrees) = 93,000,000 miles approx.

(Note 1/60 of a degree in angular measurement is called “minute” which would be 0.0167 degrees. 1/60 of a “minute” would be a “second” which would be 0.000278 degrees, so that total angular distance measured between the two observers would be roughly 17.5 angular seconds.)


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