Circle Seven Lessons #1

1) What is man? Man is a thought of Allah; all thoughts of Allah are infinite; they are not measured up by time, for things that are concerned with time begin and end.

2) So is man infinite? The thoughts of Allah are from the everlasting of the past unto the never-ending days to come — and so is man the spirit-man. But man, like every other thought of Allah, was but a seed, a seed that held within itself the potencies of Allah, just as the seeds of any plant of Earth holds deep within itself the attributes of every part of that special plant.

3) Who is the Lord of all things? Man is the lord of the entire plane of manifests; of protoplast, of mineral, of plant, of beast; but he has given up his birthright, just to gratify his lower self, his carnal self.

4) Is man a single entity? No man lives unto himself; for every living thing is bound by cords to every other living thing.

5) What are the two selves? The higher and the lower self.

6) Please explain them? The higher self is human spirit clothed with soul, made in the form of Allah. The lower self, the carnal self, the body of desires, is a reflection of the higher self, distorted by the murky ethers of the flesh. The lower self is an illusion and will pass away; the higher self is God in man, and will not pass away. The lower self is the embodiment of truth reversed, and so it is falsehood made manifest. The higher self is justice, mercy, love, and right; the lower self is what the higher self is not. The lower self breeds hatred, slander, lewdness, murders, theft, and everything that harms; the higher self is mother of the virtues and harmonies of life.

7) What must one study to destroy the lower self and live by the higher self? Your selves — know thy self.

8) How can one be saved from the devil? The only devil from which man can be saved is self, the lower self. If man would find this devil he must look within; his name is self, and if man would find his savior he must look within; and when the demon self has been dethroned the savior, love, will be exulted to the throne of power.

9) What is death? Death is a friend who, when the work of life is done, just cuts the cord that binds the human boat to Earth; that it may sail on smoother seas.

10) What is a mother’s worth? No language can describe a mother’s worth, and yours was tried and true. But she was not called hence until her tasks were done.

11) What is the only thing that does not change? Truth, which is aught. It has no cause, and yet it is the cause of everything.

12) Who is Allah? The great Triune.

13) How does Allah communicate his will? By the voice of man.

Seven Shades of Wisdom

1) He who knows not, yet strives to know is a seeker.

2) He who knows not what he should know, is a wander, guide him.

3) He who knows not what he should know, is asleep, awaken him.

4) He who knows not, and fears is a slave, free him.

5) He knows not, and rejects to know is dead, pass him.

6) He knows and shares what he knows, is wise, feed him.

7) He who knows not but claims to know, is an impostor, cast him away.

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