Communique No. 1 of the Khalil El Memorial Temple No. 47 (Behar)

While reading the Seven Circle Koran today at work, I was struck by these verses of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali found in chapter 46:

“These teachings were not accepted by the rulers, neither by the rich; because they loved the principles of the ten commandments (6). Through the ten commandments the rulers and the rich live, while the poor suffer and die (7).”

The teachings rejected by the rulers and the rich were Jesus (Isa) teachings about peace. The Prophet has Isa paraphrasing Isaiah 65.17-25 about life in the Messianic times (that is, everyday life during the Qiyamat). The Roman State killed Isa so that he could not preach the good news to the poor. Then the Romans created a religion out of their evil deed. This religion was then forced upon most of the world.

How prophetic was the prophets words when American politics is gripped in a panic regarding its control of its youth. Not wanting youth to think for themselves and perhaps rejecting the State and its system of poverty, it seeks to foster oppression upon them. Case in point the following:

Legislator: Atheists, Others “Not On The Boat” As Kentucky Senate Approves Ten Commandments Bill
The Kentucky State Senate passes a measure calling for display of the Ten Commandments in public schools. Legislators squabble over whether Jews should be included in the wording of the bill, and one lawmaker says that atheists, Moslems and others were not on the boat when America was founded. (2-20-00)

In the face of such an attack upon America’s youth, we Moors instead proclaim the freedom of the Qiyamat (the end of law). We give back the Christianity to those who created it. And we proclaim the right of all peoples “to worship under their own vines and fig trees.” Instead of the the ten commandments, we proclaim the five-fold path of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Rais J.D. Shak El (Khalil El Memorial Temple No. 47-Springfield, MO)

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