Just Us: Gods Behind Bars

[Editor’s note: Much of the information here is out of date. It is being preserved for archival purposes. Readers are encouraged to research current information on the cases of the individuals mentioned here.]

I’ve done my time (on the cross)

by Allah B

Harsh trials and tribulations are nothing new to the Black Man in the United Snakes of A Man wrecker. There has been nothing but, hard times of catching all kinds of hell of the captive Black Nation in the Wilderness of North America.

It’s true when they talk about Our righteous brother Jesus catchin hell for the righteous. His history is the history of Just Us bearing the cross of injustices for all too many centuries. And, like the Black Nation of Just Us, I too, have caught more than my share of hell and done prolonged time on the cross of injustice as well. The story of the crime which sent me to prison can be told by others in their own way. However, I call it a grave injustice of the highest order to imprison a Black Man for over a quarter of a century just because He dared to save the life of a Black child.

My situation is not unique. I remember quite vividly when the forces of evil with its attendant weak and wicked mentality, attempted the first assassination on Allah, the Father’s life. The dastardly deed unfolded about three months after Al Fatir (The Originator) began enlightening “The First Nine Born” in Mecca.

It was in 1964, on a cold dark Winter night in early December. The Father was on God (7) Avenue between Knowledge Wisdom Equality (126th) and Knowledge Widsom God (127th) Streets. A woman named Mary approached Him and said, some men was holding guns on Four-Cipher Akbar (His Brown-Seed Justice) in the Hole and they were demanding that Allah come and save his Brother!

The Hole was a gambling spot in the basement of a building at the corner of Knowledge Wisdom God Street and God Avenue. After Mary told Al Fatir what was happening with Justice, she begged Him not to go down in the basement to save him. However, Justice was not the only person the wicked held in the basement. First Borns Karreem (The Black Messiah), Uhura, Bilal (ABG), Ebeka, Shahid and maybe some other young brothers whose names I can’t recall was there, and a host of 85% (Build Powers) were in the basement shooting dice before the wicked men came with the guns.

The Father went in the basement to save Justice and the First Borns, then he was shot with all sorts of high-powered weapons and left for dead. However, Allah couldn’t return to “The Essence” then because “His First Fruit” were not yet ripe! So Al Fatir Allah revived Himself after laying consciously out of His Body in Harlem Hospital’s morgue for Understanding (3) hours and observing all that transpired after being shot in the basement. Then He startled the lone janitor there by freeing the dam in His sinuses and letting the Wisdom of His Tears freely flow. The janitor realized that “dead men don’t cry” as he astonishingly revealed the matter of the Father’s miraculous return from the dead to inquiring New York City reporters.

That was just one of the many persecuting crosses The Father had to bear for Us and I took that as a lesson of life, that I too, would do anything to “Save the Babies” whenever it came time for me to bear my cross. even, suffer unto dearth or prolonged persecution as I’m now suffering today!

It was almost Wisdom Equality (26) years ago, that I stepped in front of a gun to “Save the Baby”. “The Baby” and I survived. Regrettably, the gun wielder was killed. Now, after Wisdom Equality years I’m still being excessively persecuted and forced to bear prolonged time on the cross for a deed that is greatly respected in the Black Community. The sad truth is, the wicked don’t appreciate Black Men saving Black Babies. The contrast to Black Men saving Black Babies is, Bernard Goetz being made a hero for shooting four Black youth on the subway in New York City for nothing more than begging him for money!

My co-defendants were paroled over 21 years ago for the very same offense. I’m still doing time on the cross for. They were Five Percenters (5%ers) just like me, however, they weren’t considered a “leader of the 5%ers” by the government as I were. Nor were they ever charged with any criminal offense in the mid-1960s, for going to see Al Fatir Allah in Mattewan State Hospital like I was. Nor had they ever represented The Nation on behalf of Allah, The Father as I had at an exclusive conference called by then Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller in 1966, to meet Al Fatir, who was still bearing His cross in Mattewan at the time. Nor had they ever instituted Our Educational Show and Prove after the Father’s return to the essence in 1969 as I had. Nor had they represented the Nation of Gods and Earths at a United States Presidential Birthday Banquet in 1971 as I had. Nor had they ever traveled to different colleges on the Eastern seaboard representing the Nation of Gods and Earths as I had. Nor had they been sent to Pelan by Al Fatir to teach “The Babies” as I had.

Although, my co-defendants were taught righteousness by me in Pelan and in turn they became very powerful and effective teachers themselves and loved by the Father as well, they nevertheless, were not considered a “leader of the 5%ers” as I was so regarded by the Bronx District Attorney’s office at the time of my arrest in 1971.

Burton Roberts was the Bronx District Attorney, who at then Mayor John V. Lindsay’s Christmas party in 1967, threatened that he would put Al Fatir Allah’s “black ass” in jail if He brought His teachings to “The Bronx”. At the time, The Father’s teachings were already thriving in the Bronx. For Allah had previous sent me to Pelan to “Save the Babies”. However, I hadn’t come to Burton Robert’s attention until I opened Our very first Allah School in Pelan in 1968. After that, any alleged crimes occurring in Pelan that a 5%ers’ name was even remotely associated with, “Born-Allah”, according to the Bronx D.A., had something to do with it. Even, if I was miles away, I was considered the “leader of the 5%ers” in Pelan and thus, to the D.A. and his criminal law enforcers, were held responsible for all alleged crimes committed by 5%ers in Pelan. So it was no surprise to me after Wisdom Power (25) years suffering in the belly of the beast, bearing prolonged persecution and much time on the cross, that the only opposition I received at the parole board would be from the office of the Bronx County District Attorney!

I’ve done more than enough time on the cross. And, in that time, I’ve obtained two college degrees, I’ve attended all kinds of programs while imprisoned and have qualified myself to where I can now say: I’m an award winning writer, a computer programmer, a conflict resolution mediator, a plumber, photographer, refrigeration and air conditioning repairman and have been awarded a variety of Awards and Certificates and other accolades from various social, educational, professional, legal and correctional groups and organizations over the past 25 years of dedicated service. In addition to all this, I’ve recently married a lovely and beautiful wife, and am supportive of my children and grand children, plus I’m a certified Teacher Aide under the New York State Labor Department’s job title program, and I’m currently participating in another NYS Labor Department’s Counselor certification program at Sullivan. I’ve done more than enough time on the cross and have habilitated and rehabilitated myself to now make a most worthy contribution to society at large in general and The Nation in particular.

For, I need the Power of the Nation of Gods and Earths AND ALL OTHER interested, freedom minded people to demonstrate their collective Powers and help FREE BORN-ALLAH NOW!!!

Open Letter to the Nation from Marcy, NY

Cipher See Truth/Understanding Cipher/15,087

Peace to the Gods and Earths!

I come in the gracious and magnificent attribute of “Sha Kim Uneek Allah.” I am understanding build (“38”) years old and I know and understand “Allah’s Truth” (“120”) to the best of my ability and is constantly developing a more profound understanding as the elements of 120 life or mathematics permits me the power and opportunity to “Cee or See” the Light! (“The Real Reality”)

I rest in teh “Desert” (“Jamaica Queens”) although it is called the Desert life exists within that land. (“Allah’s Light”) Unfortunately at the present time I am incarcerated in which is enabling me from accomplishing the many projects that is “Greatly” needed for our “Nation.” So I am appealing for all “Great Builders” (“Gods and Earths”) to add on to my thought and lets make it a “Reality.”

I would like to start a “Program, Organization, or Correspondence” program that is designed and geared for the “Free Cipher.” A place where we can all build, ask questions, receive literature, Correspond with Gods and Earths, and mainly keep abreast with the “News” that takes place within the “Nation of Gods and Earths” Cipher in general! I now it’s great “Thinkers” out there that can make this happen as a whole. I know together we can make it a reality. So I would like to hear from all that have positive thoughts on this matter and even if you don’t have none concerning this matter I still would like to get to know my “Brothers and Sisters” especially the “Earths” because I never get to build with the Earths, always the “Gods” and I know the Earths have plenty to add on to my cipher. Together we stand divided we fall. So I am reaching out to my family for your assistance you may reach me at the following address

Sheldon Adamd 0080125

Marcy Correctional Facility

Box 3600

Marcy, NY 13403-3600

Peace Family

Supremely yours

Sha-kim Uneek Allah

Creating a 5% MONSTER to Destroy

When I initially became a fugitive from [J]ustice I had no idea as to why. On July 10, 2000 local, state, and federal authorities were leading a high-speed chase through parts of Georgetown County, South Carolina. After the driver exited the vehicle and fled into a wooded area, authorities to no avail performed an area search. That evening I appeared on the local news as the driver of the vehicle with good reason. The SUV that lead police officers on the chase was registered to me. Upon acquiring knowledge of the incident and contacting several different sources as to why I was wanted, I left the state. I was informed that the Feds had obtained a warrant for my arrest for the charge of Possession of a Fire Arm by a Convicted Felon. That derived from an incident in January 2000, where local police officers stopped my vehicle claiming that my sister’s fiancé and myself matched the description of two wanted suspects. After confirming that neither of us was wanted for any crime (past or present) we were further detained until they (the officers) performed a complete, UNAUTHORIZED search of my vehicle. In their search, officers seized a 9 mm handgun that was located in the glove compartment and the magazine to the gun inside the middle console along with registration papers for the gun. The gun was registered to my fiancé whom I also shared a home with. By being convicted of a crime some ten years ago, I was not to be in the proximity of a firearm. In spite of the police officers’ observance of my sister’s fiancé picking me up from an apartment complex fifteen minutes earlier, and being the passenger made no difference. Because the vehicle was registered to me, I was arrested and charged with Possession of a Firearm. After paying a mere $100 I was released on bail. Several months later the federal government decided to adapt the charge. After being informed of the charges against me, I decided to turn myself in. But before I could do so, my fiancé went into premature labor. On July 16, 2000, I was given the most precious gift of this world. Weighing only 4 pounds and 9 ounces, Nyshema was born. Although healthy, she was placed on some sort of apparatus that monitored her breathing and heart rate. Doctors stated that she would have to be bound to that machine for at least 3 months and would not be able to travel. My fiancé had no family or friends in the state so I was compelled to stay with her. While attending one of my daughter’s regularly scheduled appointments, I used a payphone in the waiting room and called a reliable source in the Georgetown area. I immediately learned that I was wanted for a murder that took place days prior, along with a host of other charges. For at least a month, I appeared in the media on a regular basis in South Carolina for crimes of extreme violence. I was arrested on January 1, 2001, and to some relief I had been cleared of most of the charges (with the exception of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon). Ironically, I was in a room next to 2 of their [NEW] suspects on the murder charge and an individual charged with robberies.

Because of a constructed plot by the media and prison officials, FIVE PERCENTERS and our affiliates in South Carolina were condemned. They (the media) have never retracted any false statements made against me. Therefore, in South Carolina, I am known as a cold-blooded merciless killer, a 5% MONSTER. The media has created a monster that the general public fears and wants destroyed. “Turbo” was my brother and dear friend and he will be truly missed (R.I.P. Sun). After being arrested in North Carolina he was being transported to South Carolina, where he supposedly sprayed and officer with pepper spray and jumped form the back seat of a police car (that opens from the outside) with handcuffs, shackles, and a belly chain. He supposedly jumped a fence and ran into a wooded area and was later found by a search dog, deceased. It was somehow determined by someone that he died from an irregular heartbeat. What his family wants to know is that by any chance did the laceration above his lips, the strangulation marks around his neck, the bruises that were found on his body, or the way the handcuffs and shackles went deep into his wrist and ankles have anything to do with his death? According to the coroner’s report, the cause of death is unknown. Upon hearing this, the public should be in an outrage. But because of the media assassination it is now open season on 5%er’s and their affiliates in South Carolina.

In my indictment I am listed as a gang member (a 5%er) and under Federal Guideline 5K2.18 (designed for gang members) one may easily be subjected to Statute 18 U.S.C. 521. This means that future violent charges are not punished ordinarily. A minor charge could have you literally fighting for your life. Under 18 U.S.C. 922(g) [Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon] if you are charged with 922(g) and have three prior convictions of violence (including crimes as a juvenile) you are classified as a 924 (e) Predicate, and it is required by law that the court impose a mandatory sentencing range of 15 years to life. This leaves the judge with no discretion for leniency for pleading guilty. Those of you with prior records may think that this does not apply to you because your priors are not violent. The three priors that made me a predicate are Breaking and Entering and two escape charges. At the time of conviction, state court called the breaking and entering and one of the escape charges nonviolent. The other escape charge was noted as a misdemeanor. Federal and state laws differ with these charges. Under federal law, I was told that these are violent charges. The federal definition for violent charges is one that has the potential to carry one year one day, any drug related charge, any charge that “could” have been violent and of course, your normal violent charges. Please read for yourself to know the statutes.



Gods in South Carolina DOCS

peace allah

this is a note in reference 2 5%ers in the state of south carolina

in the last week of March 2001, inmate Tyson Brave#228349(PHAROAH UNIQUE ALLAH) whose incarcerated at Evans Correctional Institution in Bennettsville, South Carolina was sent before a board in Columbia, South Carolina 4 a hearing to be taken off lock-up, at the hearing he was labeled STG (security Threat Group) because of his affiliation with the nation of gods and earths, he was also told that the 5%ers was a gang and until he denounce his affiliation with the 5% NATION he will be kept on lock up for the remaining of his sentence which is two yrs. he will be locked down 23 hrs a day and phone called are limited to 1 day out of the week. he plans to appeal this.

what i am askin is u post this on the site for the nation of gods and earths and ask that other gods and earths write to the south carolina dept. of corrections in reference to this.

DREALLAH if u would like to contact tyson brave

tyson brave #228349

E.C.I. SMU-A-247

P.O. BOX 29512-02

Bennettsville sc 29512

south carolina department of corrections

4444 broad river road

p.o. box 21787

columbia, sc 29221

email>> corrections.info@doc.state.sc.us.


The Five Percent Dilemma

By: Lord Natural Self Allah

Throughout the 20th century, colleges throughout the country have cultivated magnificent minds. Minds of such great import and magnitude that to mention each success story individually would literally fill volumes. Colleges have also been the havens of political, social, and revolutionary thought. Students, through past and present endeavors, have shown that the status quo can be changed; that wrongs can be made right; and that freedom is not just the freedom to follow the laws of the land, but freedom to alter those laws when in the interest of Truth and Justice, and to erect just laws which become pillars of our society. In 1971 on September J3th in Attica, New York, one of the most dramatic events occurred in prison history .Scores of State Troopers and prison guards, at the behest of then Governor Rockefeller, fired upon prisoners and hostages (guards). As the newscasters filmed live at the front of the prison, the report of revolvers and automatic rifles could be heard from the melee ensuing in the yard. In the aftermath of this event, those prisoners who survived the ordeal, were tortured physically and mentally at the whim of sadistic and unscrupulous prison guards. The beauty of this “take over” in 1971 is that it transcended the color barrier; it transcended the religious barrier; it transcended the cultural barrier; and it transcended the social barrier. In D-block’s yard could be seen White congregating with Black and Brown, Jew congregating with Gentile, and Muslim congregating with Christian. This catastrophe brought society overall into the lives of the prisoner…into the very bowels of the prison system itself Society began to realize that prisoners were human beings and that they should not acquiesce to the government’s claims that prisoners were nothing more than cattle to be warehoused and slaughtered. This created “The Prison Reformation,” where society began to take an active role in the habilitation and rehabilitation of prisoners. For the first time in the history of the New York Penal System, habilitation and rehabilitation became a priority and took the place of mere punishment. Colleges began to open their doors to penal denizens, and individuals and civic organizations began to enter the prisons offering viable, programs, vocations, and solutions to dealing with incarcerated life, as well as teaching skills for prisoners to manage their lives upon release. The prison industry’s financial coffers were at an all time high with funding from the federal government, philanthropists, and even organizations abroad. Prisoners were being released as valedictorians and cum lauds with Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees. Former prisoners began returning to prisons as teachers and models showing that The Prison Reformation was and indeed could continue to be a success. However, that was then, and this is now. The 1990’s ushered in a new era. An era of punishment, warehousing, and propaganda to disillusion society and create an insurmountable abyss between society and prisoners. Higher Education Programs have been rescinded, vocational and other extracurricular programs have been cut and are obsolete and new sacrificial lambs have been chosen by DOCS to once again boost its financial coffers. The sacrificial lambs are now Five Percenters (5%’ers), a cultural Islamic movement which has been in existence since 1964 (for a brief history of The Nation of Gods and Earths/Five Percent, read enclosure entitled, “Persecution of the Righteous”). In 1996, the New York State Department of Correctional Services began confiscating 5%’er literature and emblems under the guise that the 5% were an unauthorized organization i.e., gang. This stigma began in the southeastern states of the country, more specifically North and South Carolina, and has now spread to Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Georgia. South Carolina and New Jersey have gone so far as to create “indoctrination programs” where known 5%’ers and other “gang members” are placed in a special unit where they remain locked in cells for 23 hours per day with one hour of recreation (most often chained and shackled), no contact visits, and limited telephone cans and showers until they renounce their affiliation as being 5%’ers. The Nation of Gods arid Earths, more commonly referred to as Five Percenters, contend that this Draconian treatment was and is a contrived scheme by DOCS throughout the country as a means to undermine the 5% doctrine which is akin to the views of The Nation of Islam. The DOCS intends to boost its economy by creating a “riot situation.” Just as the U.S. economy increases during times of war, so too the DOCS’ economy. Once this “organized schematic riot” occurs, the officer’s union will press DOCS for more jobs in other rural predominantly White neighborhoods, to which these jobs would be filled by their siblings and offspring. The state would then press the legislature for funds to create more prisons and once again society will soften towards prisoners, bringing in more revenue and programs. So the loss of prisoner and officer lives, comes down to the Almighty American Dollar and megalomaniac bureaucracy. When one creates an isolated environment and introduces the subjects therein to various stimuli for the purpose of gaging their reactions, what they’re creating is a laboratory! This laboratory is to elicit particular responses and create preventive measures to curtail unwanted responses in lieu of a larger and more controlled experiment. It is no coincidence that these Renunciation Programs began in North and South Carolina where there is a sparse amount of incarcerated 5%’ers. The programs then appeared in Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Georgia, who have larger populations of incarcerated 5%’ers. Now DOCS has an insatiable thirst for the persecution of 5%’ers in New York which is the Mecca or haven of 5%’ers. New York has the largest population of incarcerated 5%’ers in the world. “To date, New York houses approximately 72,000 prisoners of which approximately 10,000 are 5%’ers. New York is the zenith of DOCS , experiment. Through previous experimentation in other states, they’ve learned how to pit one 5%’er against another which is reminiscent of the Willie Lynch Plan of 1712. They’ve learned to implement agent provocateurs in the midst of 5%’ers who then distort and “water down” the teachings handed down by the founder, Clarence 13X Smith (Allah). This tactic is reminiscent of COINTELPRO. The questions which must be posed are: Why is DOCS seeking to rend the body of the 5%? Why haven’t other groups been vehemently singled out by DOCS for apparent extermination and proselytization? We contend that the answers to these questions are as follows. No other group within the confines of DOCS has grown as rapidly as the 5% since its inception in 1964. There is no recruitment process, no penalties for desiring to dissolve ties with the 5%, nor are there any dues or primary leaders of the 5%. DOCS finds it difficult to believe that the spoken word and righteous deeds are what attract individuals, young and old, male and female, to the 5% culture. The 5% have been singled out because we are connoisseurs of history, and history has taught us that we as a people…all people, have a greater freedom than just the freedom to follow the status quo and existing rules, regulations, and laws set by our esteemed and infallible legislature. We have the freedom of expression, thus supposedly guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution. We have the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience, thus supposedly guaranteed by the New York State Constitution. We have the freedom to be treated as respectable men and women, which is an inalienable right. We have the freedom to protect our women, children and infirm from hostile external entities, which is also an inalienable right. They hate us and brand us with their Scarlet Letter because we dare to defrock so-called Christian Muslim and Jewish scholars who interpret the holy scriptures, not according to divine inspiration, but according to their own devilish dictates. Other religions, cultures and/or groups have, over the years, compromised their beliefs for preferential treatment and other ill gains within the System. The 5% refuse to compromise! We act in accordance to righteousness (that which is morally and divinely right), and in that realm there can be no compromise. For to compromise Righteousness and Truth, is to become partners with Falsehood and Lies, which is contrary to the 5% doctrine. Norman Mailer stated, “..for being a man is the continuing battle of one’s life, and one loses a bit of manhood with every stale compromise to the authority of any power in which does not believe.”(1) The 5% are proud of the fact that our manhood [ and womanhood] is indeed intact, for stale compromises are foreign to us. For these facts and more, the DOCS despises the 5% and its autonomous nature. All the devious deeds and encumbrances they’ve heaped upon. us in the past, has come , to naught. Therefore, they’ve opted to begin a new approach, a new inquisition, to quell the teachings of the 5%. The 5% now reach out to every conscious-minded college student in the country .We reach out to you to challenge not only the existing Administration, but to challenge yourselves as well. We are giving you the advantageous opportunity to speak out openly against an on-going injustice. Infamous prisons such as Attica, Clinton Dannemora, Elmira, etc., are soon to become death-houses for 5%’ers. It must be clearly understood that we do not wish or hope for violence. However, we will not refrain from such on a large scale, if such is rendered unto us. There will be no reprieve to the just defensive measures we take in opposition to unjust violence perpetuated against us. There will be no reprieve until the unjust violence is ended, wholly and completely, or until all True and Living 5%’ers (man, woman, and child) has been driven to the Eternal Abyss and waiting arms of Death. The courts are daily proving with their unjust decisions, that we as The Nation of Gods and Earths (5%), have no constitutional rights in the confines of DOCS. If we have no constitutional rights, we are not federally protected from racist and unscrupulous corrections officers, and therefore must protect ourselves, our interests, and our property. The next peal of our captor’s weapons from the windows and rooftops of a prison yard, may be the indication of another 5%’er’s blood seeping into the dust laden earth. Hear our cries; feel our blood cry out to you from the ground. Though we may die, our teachings will remain and “…like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack, pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!” (2) The fifth seal has been opened and ” under the altar are the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained” (3) We now call out to you “…in a loud voice, ‘How long… until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” (4) DOCS creates its own monsters and then demonizes and torments its creation. The 5% exists on its righteous foundation because DOCS and other institutions exist on their unrighteous foundations. We speak boldly and firmly and look directly into the eyes of our captors and tormentors. We, as a movement, have eradicated the slavish Negro mentality from our psyche. The slavemaster (DOCS) has been found out to be nothing worthy of praise or gratitude. The 5% has pulled back the curtain and revealed the Wizard (DOCS). We exist and will continue to exist, because they (DOCS) and institutions like them exist and will undoubtedly continue to exist. Assist us in our plight by contacting your respective Congresspersons, Representatives and DOCS officials. Ask them on our behalf, why is this occurring? How can it be undone where 5%’ers are able to be what they choose within the confines of DOCS without retaliatory measures? Hold rallies and think tanks to educate the populace about what is going on behind the walls of prisons. You, as college students, are our last line of defense before Armageddon. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the author:

Lord Natural Self Allah #92A7262

Woodbourne Correctional Facility

Pouch #1

Woodbourne, New York 12788

1. Soul On Ice by: Eldridge Cleaver p. 109

2. “If We Must Die” by: Claude McKay

3. Holy Bible, Revelation 6:9

4. Holy Bible, Revelation 6:10

Persecution of the Righteous

by: Lord Natural Self Allah and Rahiem Shabazz Allah

The Nation of Gods and Earths, more commonly referred to as the Five Percent, is a cultural movement erected upon the foundations of The Nation Of Islam teachings under the auspices of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The 5% was founded in Harlem, New York by one Clarence 13X Smith (Allah) in 1964, after his semi-amicable split wit the NOI (Temple #7) in 1963. It was Mr. Smith’s contention that the grassroots of the Black populace needed Islam where they thrived the most, i.e., after hour spots, number houses, etc. However, due to the rigid standards of the NOI, ministers and members of the Advance Guard (of which Mr. Smith was a part), were not allowed to attend these places of ill repute. Thus began Mr .Smith’s revelation of a separate Nation whose duty would be to carry out the teachings of “The Lessons” overtly which are a compilation of questions and answers between Elijah Muhammad and his spiritual teacher, Master Fard Muhammad. Just as Martin and Malcolm, Allah met a violent death, yet at the hands of an unknown assailant. Allah was reported to have repeatedly asked, “Who will take care of my babies when I’m gone ? ” Allah’s “babies” have grown in number and in size since 1964. The first Street Academy (School) located at 2122 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard in Manhattan, New York, still stands and was given to Allah in 1967 via the Urban League and support from then Mayor Lindsay. Since then, Schools have appeared allover the country, from upstate New York to California. The 5% teachings, through music, poetry, and True and Living Gods and Earths, has permeated the very fabric of country, as well as many suburbs. The teachings have also taken root in Canada) Europe and Japan through the assistance of 5% members in the US Armed Forces. So if the 5% ideology is being embraced by a large majority of the minority youth) why are 5%’ers around the country being persecuted by Correctional Departments on the eastern seaboard? In 1996, the New York State Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) placed a complete ban on all 5%’er literature and insignias. regardless of its content, thereby disregarding its long standing media review policy. This policy enables “questionable material” to be screened by an impartial committee. This process has been adequate in that it has an appeals process in accordance with the Constitution’s due process clause. 5% literature does not pass through the media review process, but through a correspondence unit of which no appeals process exists. It is the “surreptitious policy” of DOCS to “confiscate” 5% literature/insignias as prison contraband, but to not issue misbehavior reports (tickets) to “those possessing such contraband. How can a prisoner possess “contraband” without being written a misbehavior report? At present, my court battles are being waged by incarcerated 5%’ers to overturn this policy under the 1st and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. However) as DOCS is a sister of the larger [In]Justice System, the lawsuits are being dismissed and discontinued at an alarming rate. Incarcerated 5%’ers in New York contend that this “complete ban” was created through the efforts of Michael Moore who was a superintendent in the South Carolina DOCS. According to the Associated Press) “[A]bout 80 members of a black Muslim sect in South Carolina’s prisons have been in near solitary confinement for almost a year because prison administrators say they are a gang. “The inmates have been told they won’t be released from lock-down until they renounce their membership in the Five Percenters… “(1) These types of “Renunciation Programs” are now in New Jersey, South Carolina, Ohio, Massachusetts and North Carolina state prisons and will undoubtedly spread to New York if the pending lawsuits are lost. Aocording to George Bartlett, the Deputy Commissioner for Facility Operations (Security), in an Opposition Affidavit of which he is a defendant in a civil suit, “…around 1974, the Committee on Internal Security of the US House of Representatives issued a report stating that the Five Percenters was part of the revolutionary group behind the 1971 inmate riot at Attica Correctional Facility. ” He further asserts that, “[T]he Five Percenters have a violent and militant history inside DOCS. Five Percenter inmate gangs have staged or instigated riots or other inmate disturbances inside DOCS facilities. “(2) The Attica incursion was for living conditions and cruel treatment at the hands of DOCS’ employees. Furthermore, those involved were of a spectrum of ideologies, beliefs, and racial makeup, so why has the 5% been singled out for DOCS’ execution and extermination camps? On January 11, 1999 before Magistrate Judge Carol Heckman.. an incarcerated Five Percenter, Lord Natural Self Allah, appeared in Buffalo’s Federal District Court to verbally state his claim that the complete ban was unconstitutional. The hearing was for an injunction to have DOCS refrain from disallowing 5% publications while the case neared the trial phase. The Amsterdam News reported that, “Magistrate Judge Carol Heckman, in her decision to not strike down the NYSDOCS state-wide rule that bans Five Percenter materials in prisons, asserted that she weighed the free speech rights of the Five Percenters against her concerns for the safety of inmates and employees. She noted that her study of the group showed that it does not promote violence, but she was concerned about those who corrupt the principles of the organization” (3) If this be the case, should she not also be concerned with Christians, Jews and Muslims who corrupt the principles of their respective organizations? Furthermore, these organizations should be labeled “security threat groups” and gangs as well in that some of the most notorious murderers and thieves have purported to be Christians, Jews and Muslims! DOCS’ vehement dislike for 5%’ers is actually normal in that to be a 5% is to be a revolutionary at heart. By “revolutionary” we mean having the mere audacity to challenge DOCS policy which has proven itself to be illogical, irrational, and outright wrong. DOCS power lies in the disunion of prisoners and its Draconian rules and regulations which it flaunts to be the status quo. So to be a 5% is to be diametrically opposed to disunion, diametrically opposed to negativity, and diametrically opposed to unrighteousness. This is why the 5% are labeled as a gang. By stripping us of all Constitutional protection, we become pawns at the mercy of unscrupulous, rural megalomaniacs portraying to be righteous officers of correction. This society was founded on revolutionary thought. Now the Oppressed have become the Oppressors with the will to literally crush and stamp out all ideologies which they don’t fully understand. This lack of understanding is what caused Alexander to plunder and burn the archaic and infamous libraries of Egypt. This lack of understanding is what caused a populace to stand idly by and watch men, women and children shot and burned by “law officials” in the MOVE massacre in Philadelphia. This same lack of understanding is what now threatens incarcerated 5%’ers. Even those associated with 5%’ers are a target as was the case of Hajj Womack. Mr. Womack was “a 1995 graduate of Morehouse and a graduate student at the University of Michigan…indicted on 93 felony counts…because of his membership in the Five Percent Nation… ” (4) Though Mr. Womack was eventually acquitted of the charges, it shows that education level is not a factor in the System’s charge against 5%’ers. Those on the “outside” who believe in the plight of the 5% are requested and urged to contact the New York Commissioner of Corrections. Ask him why the 5% are labeled as a gang and what criteria he used to surmise such? Ask him how can the 5% be released from this stigma and unnatural label? Those true adherents of the 5% must remain steadfast in Mathematics. For “we shall have our manhood We shall have it or the earth will be leveled by our attempts to gain it. ” (5) For more information please contact

Lord Natural Self Allah #92A7262 and/or

Correctional Facility, Pouch #1, Woodbourne, New York 12788.

Mr. Rahiem Shabazz Allah 500 Chenango Street Apt 2-G

Binghamton, New York 13901.

1. Article in the Associated Press by Robert Tanner.

2. Affidavit of George Bartlett In Opposition To Plaintiff’s Motion For

Preliminary Injunction (97 -CY -0607 A(H)

3. Amsterdam News article by YusefSalaam Yol. 90, No. 18, 4/29- 5/5/99

4. Article in The Marine Tiger (Morehouse College paper), by Walter Pierce,

Contributing Writer

5. Soul On Ice by: -Eldridge Cleaver (p61)

Judge rejects inmate’s request for controversial literature

The Associated Press
4/3/99 3:43 PM

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A federal judge has turned down a convicted killer’s request to have controversial literature from a black pride organization sent to him in his prison cell. Magistrate Judge Carol Heckman recently refused to strike down a state Department of Correctional Services rule that bans literature and symbols from the Five Percent organization in prisons across the state. The 34-year-old movement promotes education and family. The word “peace” is central to the teachings. It rejects drinking, drugs and fornication. But state officials say it also promotes racial hatred and gang violence. Lord Natural Self Allah, a Five Percenter who is serving time in the Woodbourne Correctional Facility for manslaughter, says the ban amounts to a violation of his First Amendment rights. Heckman said she weighed the free-speech rights of the Five Percent against her concerns for the safety of inmates and employees. State prison officials say inmates associated with the Five Percent have committed dozens of stabbings, beatings and extortions. They say the group is so dangerous, a mere display of its insignia in cells has been known to trigger violence. Some prison systems label all Five Percenters as gang members. In South Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts and North Carolina, prison officials have censored the group’s teachings despite complaints by inmate advocates that they are trampling on freedom of religion. Heckman said that although the Five Percent as a group preaches against violence, distribution of its materials inside prison walls poses a legitimate security risk. “Five Percenterism, in its pure, uncorrupted form, represents a system of beliefs which, outside the prison context, does not advocate or promote violence,” Heckman wrote in a 26-page ruling. “However, testimony by (prison officials) showed a clear relationship between Five Percenter literature and prison gang activities,” Heckman wrote. Self Allah’s lawyer, Glenn Murray, said it’s infair to ban the movement’s literature for all inmates just because some of its followers have committed violent acts. “I think the ruling shows the extent to which the courts defer to prison officials,” Murray told The Buffalo News. “By branding them as a gang, they deny the Five Percenters from any impartial review.” Prison officials blame Five Percenters for violent acts at Attica State Correctional Facility and other facilities in the state. The Five Percent rejects most accepted history, authority and organized religion. The black man, the Five Percent teaches, is god. Prisons are where many members first learn and study. The lyrics of hip-hop music by such stars as Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang Clan and Erykah Badu spread the word on CDs and radio. Although the lessons teach a moral code, the Five Percent reject being called a religion. They call themselves “a culture” and “a way of life.” They also call themselves the Nation of Gods and Earths. Self Allah, 29, said the Five Percenter teachings are a “way of life” rather than a religion. The lawsuit was filed in Buffalo while Self Allah was serving time in the State Correctional Facility in Elmira.

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