Army of the Illogically Good-Humored

The Suburbs: the how and why of the MWD


The AIGH is a loose confederation of individuals and groups of individuals spread out across North America. It originated (the first generation) with a group of friends and familiars who were drunk and blitzed and complaining about everything, the decision being made to head off in a separate direction from the “mainstream” anarchist community;


to say fuck off to dry theories and dry minds that turn humans into abstractions and numbers just as absurd as what the degraded intellects of Khapitul and Guvernhment have always done.


The sluttiness and trendiness of atheism, cynicism, and superiority complexes have run their course (curse?)! We adhere to our moral and ethical decisions. But we cannot denigrate someone else for doing the same, even if it directly conflicts with our own.


This doesn’t mean we aren’t working against murderers (of all nasty breeds), but it forces us to ask the why’s of others’ actions and to recognize that it’s fucked up to pretend that we’re anything more than a step away from the same potential, from the same reasons and events that make people fucked up themselves.


The Minnesota Wannabe’s Division was constructed by second generation members, growing from the Third Temple to begin with and taking off from there (where). The MWD focuses on physical events, direct action, and powerful instances of resistance. This is in contrast to the propaganda and scholarship of the original Temples. We love our brothers and sisters and owe them for a lot of the bases that we base our actions on.


“Who shall go up for us to fight the enemy?”

psycho-sensual revolution

what if Guanyin was an Anarchist?

It is essential that we carry out warfare against the ideas of the enemy, but imperative that the same warfare not extend to include the enemy themselves. We must avoid harming people, instead focusing our wrath on their institutions, their sickness of the economic plague, their temporal and spiritual hold over the rest of humanity. To carry out warfare against them themselves would be vile, no different than the carnage they seem so intent on bringing to our doorsteps. Those who see it as impossible to wage a harmless battle — unable to demonstrate finesse — are not welcome with us, frankly; and we would thank them to remove themselves. If we rail against the enemy because they bring harm, to the point that they are almost the only source of it, then to utilize violent harm for our part would be despicable and rotten, a lie a most dangerous ilk. And we, as far as it is possible for us, will take no part in such a thing.

The kops can keep their heroic “to-arms-my-friends” rabble-rousing battle cry. We’ll have none of that. We need no blood lust to arouse passion for our cause, and we pity those for whom it is necessary. No claim can be made that judgment lies in our heads & our hands for the vulgar leeches of this world, as we are gods only to ourselves. But such filth as Kapitalism, Economy-lifestyle, Persecution Fetishization & Propagation, Authorityism, Institutionalized Guilt Consumption — these things must be put to the torch, bit by bit. Granted, many people define themselves solely through these diseased organs and will inevitably be harmed as they fall apart. But we weep not for the vampires denied their prey and food; and although they will not be scathed by our hands, they will be left to starve — to death if they cannot leave The Business. (But confessions will be accepted, from the truly repentant, by hungry children and victims of hate crime.)

And so the work moves forward, as industry is disparaged, institutions exposed, filth uncovered, and ranting increased. The strategy is left open to development, and every act shows itself as a glorious achievement, an event in the growing psycho-sensual revolution. We do not hold back or deny ourselves or refuse our own passions objectively. Instead, we move as the current takes us, borne along by our own intuitions. Intuition our conscience, intuition our whip.

First Temple Declaration

The words of the Prophet Muhammad: “Do not oppress and do not be oppressed.” This, then, is the creed of The Army. We declare that it is wrong to oppress others. As the Holy Qur’an instructs, “Oppression is worse than killing.” (II, 191) No one has the mandate to oppress another. This must be avoided. “Do not oppress others”. What mandate does any person carry to harm others, to act against them unjustly? It is oppression that The Army seeks to destroy, to defame, to debunk as absolutely empty. Oppression is no less a crime than the rape of one by another. And no single person or group has justification for oppression. This is absolute, must be absolute!

“And do not be oppressed”. Notice first that this injunction from The Prophet Muhammad is second to the first. But it is equally as powerful, and equally as meaningful. To allow oneself to knowingly live in oppression is an offense, against oneself and against those whom one might aid. Oppression must be opposed and destroyed. As it is wrong to oppress, it is equally wrong to knowingly be oppressed. Let not the lies of the oppressor distract from their offense of oppression. To knowingly fall in with the oppressor in the hopes of someday joining them in their offense of power is an incredible wrong, as it knowingly subscribes to the false righteousness of the oppressor and violates both injunctions at once. To silently acquiesce to the oppressor is wrong.

Austerity enforced is oppression.
Primness is shameful starvation.
Starvation is a fatal distraction.

Equally, excessiveness enforced is oppression.
Forced debauchery is intended to cloud the mind.
The clouded mind is a fatal distraction.

All things enforced are oppression.
Only the truly Clear-Willed action or course is free of oppression, as it is undertaken under the Inspiration of Allah.

Under these points, The Army declares that capitalism is wrong, that it is an oppression to be opposed unto the point of its destruction.
The Army declares that government of violence and force is wrong, that it is an oppression to be opposed unto the point of its destruction.
The Army declares that law of violence is wrong, that it is an oppression to be opposed unto the point of its destruction.
The Army declares that the power of the gun is wrong, that it is an oppression to be opposed unto the point of its destruction.
The only Right Authority is the Authority of Allah, which needs no gun, no law, no government, no economic oppression. The Authority of Allah flows through every human, every human that acts of his or her self under the precept: “Do not oppress and do not be oppressed.”
“Man is a thought of Allah.” (Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Chapter One) Humans are the emanation of Allah and Allah’s Will. Allah is both the Defender and the Source of Love. Humans of Clear Will act also as such. “Do not oppress and do not be oppressed.” The End of Law is our being, our heritage, and our responsibility.

the army of the illogically good-humored
Minnesota Wannabes Division
Third Temple


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