Koranic Criticism

Differences Between the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Aquarian Gospels

Chapter One (H.K.) diverts from the A.G. in several places. In the H.K. we read of “creative fate” instead of “creative fiat” and of the “things of Allah (being) infinite” instead of “thoughts of God are Infinite“. In the H.K. (in all chapters) the reading of Allah in place of God is prevalent.

Chapter Five (H.K.) verse five- “…had they seen Jesus, a little boy about twelve years old.” This shows the racial reorientation of Noble drew Ali because, the A.G. reads, “Have you seen Jesus, a fairhaired boy, with deep blue eyes, twelve years old about the courts?

Chapter Six (H.K.) verse one- reads, “The royal prince of India, Ravanna in the South, was met at the Jewish Feast.” This heightens the position of the prince since the A.G. states, “A royal prince of India, Ravanna of Orissa in the South, was at the Jewish feast.

Chapter Thirteen (H.K.) verse one- in the A.G. it is a chapter heading, verses 5-6 in the A.G. are verse 6 in the H.K., and we see “glory of Allah” instead of “glory of God.

Chapter Fourteen (H.K.) verse fourteen- is followed by verse sixteen of the A.G. (fifteen is not in the H.K.), in verse twenty we read “so” in place of “lo“, and verses thirty-three and thirty-four are not included.

Chapter Fifteen (H.K.) verse one- “he must begin his Divine ministry” instead of “he must now begin his Christine ministry“. Verse eight (H.K.) reads “Gentile magicians” instead of “Black magicians“. Once again a case of realignment of racial orientation.

Chapter Sixteen (H.K.) verse six makes the individual -Barabbas bar Jezia- into two persons- Barabbas and Jezia!

Chapter Seventeen (H.K.) verse thirty-two is followed by verse thirty-four from the A.G. (verse thirty three is left out). It deals with Jesus being the first to raise the dead. Drew Ali believed others before Jesus raised the dead so he left it out.

Chapter Eighteen (H.K.) has “Siloam” misspelled as “Saloam“.

Chapter Nineteen (H.K.) verse twenty-nine has “image of Allah” in place of “image of AM“.

Chapters two to nineteen are taken from the text of the A.Q.. These are (in the order used in the H.K.) Chapters 7, 8, 15, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 32, 33, 47, 61, 65, 168, 178, 172, and 176.

Differences between the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America and Infinite Wisdom

The work Infinite Wisdom is now published as Unto Thee I Grant. The readings in the H.K. that diverge from Unto Thee I Grant follow Infinite Wisdom. In two instances the H.K. diverges from both. In the first instance, “Enough of evil is alotted unto man; but he maketh it more while he lamenteth it“, is left out of Chapter Forty-four verse ten. In verse nineteen of the same Chapter “Who remembereth himself in joy” becomes “Who remebereth themselves as a boy.” Here is one more instance where Drew Ali’s change improves the original.

Chapters Nineteen to Forty-four of the H.K. are found in pages nineteen to sixty-three of Unto Thee I Grant and pages twenty-seven to one hundred and two of Infinite Wisdom.


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