The Moorish League: A Statement

By Sheik Rafi Sharif Ali Bey, Regent ML

(A Note on this document: The following statement was made public to all Moors who have an inclination for such business sometime after Feb. 24-26, 1996. This date is considered by members of the New Current Moorish communities to be the beginning of the Fourth Epoch. It was also considered to be the date of inception of the Moorish League, an umbrella organization that incorporates the talents and wisdoms of the NOMST, the Moorish Orthodox Church [MOC], and the Order of the Resurrection [OR]. After this date all MOC members also became members of the NOMST and vice versa giving each MOC “Lodge” a dual identity of sorts as both an MOC Lodge and an NOMS “Temple”. – Raid Mustafa al-Laylah Bey, ML)

Our Moorish Science is derived from the Light of the Holy Koran of the MST of A (Moorish Science Temple of America), and is both spiritual and universal, bringing into unity, esoteric Sufi Islam as manifested in the Noble Order, esoteric Gnostic Christianity as expressed in the Order of the resurrection, together with these and other Cabalistic, hermetic, yogic, and astrological traditions as synthesized and given literary and artistic expression in the Moorish Orthodox Church.

Now united in the Moorish League, the “new current” Noble Moors follow in the steps of the Master Jesus of Nazareth revealed by Noble Drew Ali, founder of the Moorish movement in the “Circle Seven” (HK-MSTA) which leads the true seekers in the “missing years” travels to the world power centers of faith. Jesus exchanged initiation by degree and demonstration with fellow Adepts of the Silent Brotherhood. This is the true spiritual work of the Moorish Divine movement.

Another major focus of the movement is National Salvation for Moorish-Americans, by means of proclaiming their true nationality and obtaining rights of full citizens. The MSTA has remained fixed upon the need for land reclamation and legal objectives for recognition by the governments of the land, while the “new current” Moors, many of whom hold true nationalities from birth, have dived into the Circle Seven seeking pearls of Divine Wisdom. The special purpose of the Noble Order from its inception on July 7, 1957, has been to broaden the Moorish movement beyond ghetto borders through the Uniting of Asia – bringing other Asian nationalities into the Circle. The new Moorish League must go further and unite humanity under the collective higher wisdom. Our Moorish Current gathers the worthy ones and carries them by Holy Initiation through all the world’s esoteric paths to the single ocean of Divine Unity.

We call on all Moors to “Learn to Love Instead of Hate” and to root themselves and their communities solely upon Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.


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