History of the NGE in Love Allah

History of the NGE in Love Allah (PART I)

Written by First Born Damiek Allah.

I greet you in Peace. My name is Damiek (Dameek) Allah and I’ve had knowledge of self from April 12, 1986 while living in Queens and Long Island, New York. My honorable name is David Barrow and I was born and raised into a family of devout Christians with five ordained ministers at this point in our clan. I’ve always asked questions to the point of frustrating my elders and wanted to know details about everything because I was always eager to learn.

Therefore you can imagine the shock my family received when I turned to the Nation of Gods and Earths. I instantly became the black sheep. But for the first time in my life, I was able to answer questions pertaining to religion and myself. When I first saw Gods standing in a cipher and building, I was attracted to the confidence; electricity they gave off by their wisdom and movements. The kids were young like me but wiser and more aware of their surroundings. My first righteous name was Asiatic God Allah and I had so much fire that I burned from the inside out. As a typical newborn, I switched my old friends for GODS, neglected my academic studies for my lessons, and challenged everyone who contradicted my book of life; family members and teachers were no exception. I was force fed religion and dragged to church causing me to rebel even more. I came home several times to find my lessons in the trash, burned, or destroyed by any means to dissuade me.

When people called the house calling me by my righteous name; they were told they had the wrong number. It escalated to the point where my mother moved us out of New York to Simi Vally, CA in order to separate me from the nation. Her move worked because Simi Valley was the farthest thing from any of the five boroughs and it was complete culture shock to me. I had no choice but to refocus my energies on academics and sports. At that point, I had to make this new environment my best part so I took advantage of all my new opportunities.

I changed my name to Damiek (Humble Warrior) because Asiatic was a bit too advanced for the 2% of Black who lived in the city, but I kept that fire burning inside of me by reading book like Malcolm X, How to Eat to Live, Muhammad Ali, and Behold the Pale Horse which kept me from falling off the ledge and continued the growth of my mind. Upon high school graduation, I went to junior college as a student athlete and heard that there was this new kid from New York at my old high school who was bombing history and science teachers with the same language that I spoke. A girl, I was dealing with gave me this kid’s number and we spoke that night. His name was Mustafa, who is now Born Allah. Born and I immediately made the connection as friends and also as brother of one mind. Like I stated earlier, my lessons had been destroyed several times and I rewrote them from memory, of course some of my rewrites were inaccurate, but we studied them anyway and gained the understanding.

Born was uptown flamboyant straight out the city wearing dress pants and running shoes. He was too fast for Simi and moved down to his grandmother’s home in Los Angeles. He never had a chance to be humbled like me who was in that environment for two years. Born and I still kept our connection and traveled to see each other on a regular basis. He met this kid from Brooklyn name Kwame who later became MyKing. He knew about the nation from his background and the three of us became peas in a pod. We spent countless night on three-way building, just going through life. The funny thing about Myking was how he just came out of the hospital from a car accident. He wore a back brace and walked with a cane. Doctors said that he would never fully recover. but within weeks of Supreme Mathematics, that cane and back brace was kicked aside. MyKing taught Justice then King Born and Knowledge Born came into the picture. Sudan and Divine linked up and we all made plans to build our nation.

Born and King stared going back to New York and brought back lessons. Then we all started going back and were sparked because what lessons we had were not right and exact. We had to pay dues, but one fact is for certain, by the time we took on students outside of our circle, all the lessons were right and exact. We would bring lessons back to Calif and by now had made connections where we received 120, The Sun of Man, and plus lessons. The minute our plane touched down we would call each other and make plans to see the lessons, we were thirsty for the wisdom. We ordained the city as Love Allah and the first official rally was held in Born’s grandmother’s crib. Now to say that we were the first Gods in the city would be far fetched, but I guarantee that we became the first to build a nation in our generation.

The elder God Lord Jamel came through and taught us how to hold parliaments. Leimert Park became our Mecca, and at the ages of 16-18 years young in the late 80’s and early 90’s we stood as Love Allah’s first born. We all had original personalities. I being first born always cause controversy because I analyzed and studied, battled my points and then my predictions which eventually came to past. Born most definitely is the backbone. He has always done the planning and organizing. MyKing and King Born were the filters that say through all of the pretenders and exposed them. Justice was all business and he lived out his lesson to the fullest of his understanding. Sudan and Divine were hard to know because they were more on the spiritual realm where they were open to hear anything. We were all less humble than they were and felt that all things revolved around us.

Knowledge was unique because he was the middleman who kept us peace and got along with everyone. What came out of these personalities were the roots of our teaching styles. Now there are rumors of several Gods who claim to have started the nation in LA, but that’s not the case. This is the first of several confessions and the proof would be to find consistency. You will eventually find all of the first born’s stories to be consistent because we still remain close whether we see each other on a daily basis or years come between us. No one knows the history that we created better than us.

By now, I entered the University and came home every so often. I was amazed at the rapid growth of the nation There were days that I came home and grown men from the Mosque across the street would challenge us because we called ourselves Allah. But they never had understanding, they were grown men who was in the nation for years whose wisdom couldn’t match ours. here we were as young men holding our crowns even when they threatened us physically. I recall one rally where they came to chastise us they argued while we manifested wisdom. They were frustrated and just when they tried to take it to the next level, someone started singing Peace Allah Allah U Justice and before long, the entire park was chanting our anthem. Those brothers stared at us in disbelief and left. We never saw them again and a week later, the mosque burned down. The park was, and to this day is still the foundation.

Years have passed , and it’s now April 2003. We recently celebrated the Father’s Born day and we had several Gods from all over the continent visit. We are building once again. Through my years of education and traveling abroad, along with my understanding of 120 lessons, I see things for as they are. I ‘m not longer impressed and mesmerized when I see a group of brothers in a circle, mainly because I’m past that point in my life. A alike repels while unalike attracts. We’re grown men in our early thirties who have children, maintaining careers and learning how to beat the system. I’ve been teaching in the school system for seven years and what I know of this generation is that their world is different from ours. We can relate to them because we’ve been through what they have yet to know, but in LA and shockingly in N.Y. gang mentality is the foundation. The days of “PEACE GOD, come over here and add on to the cipher” was a special time that we may never see again. We have change our methods of teaching to civilize the uncivilized. I strictly teach the 12 Jewels and if my students strive for more, I lead them to the rally.

What’s disheartening at this point is that the first-born are still carrying the torch. The second and third generation, our fruit, should be putting in the work instead of us, but then again it’s a reminder that we have to perfect a new style for this new generation.


Damiek Allah-First Born of Love Allah

April 25, 2003

Allah’s Suns Set in the West

By Born Allah, edited by Bilal Allah

Note to the reader: This is the history of the NGE in Love Allah and was presented in one of the many publications created by the NGE called “The Sun of Man”

In the name of Allah, do I greet you in the highest respects of peace! First, I would like to thank the Gods at the Sun of Man for the opportunity to begin the communications between the Gods & Earths on both coasts. It will be some time before some of the Gods will get the chance to see the Allah School and speak to the real elders of our nation. It’s a long time coming.

I received knowledge in 1987 in high school in the Bronx. I returned to Cali while still on my mathematics. I lived in Simi Valley (the same place the Rodney King trial took place). It was here where I met Demiek Allah, who had moved there from Long Island. Demiek had other lessons, being that he was still in contact with some Gods back home. Even though some of the lessons were incorrect or incomplete, we studied them regardless.

Simi Valley didn’t agree with my young rebellious attitude, so I moved to Los Angeles in 1988 to complete my schooling. During this time, Black pride was booming; dashikis, African medallions and kufis were real popular in Los Angeles. The 5% was only known by a chosen few and understanding was very little, so I was challenged constantly. A lot of brothers approached me about receiving knowledge, but usually didn’t stay around-except a young brother, who became Myking Allah. He had a little more understanding, being he was from New York originally. During this time, I taught an Earth named Quintara, who eventually became the mother of my first child.

Demiek, Myking and myself became close friends, studying together and just growing. We would adorn crowns and take pictures with our Book of Life. MyKing used to speak about some Gods he knew that stayed across town.. I never took him seriously because they never came around. I eventually met Sudan, Divine and Justice (Who later became Just-Life). At the time, Sudan and Divine were in-between the concepts of the Muslims and the 5%. I can remember a time when we sat up for hours arguing the concept of God; big G, little g. I always noticed Just never said anything. Just is a cold Black Seed, so as long as I’ve known him, he always done the knowledge. He and Myking were very close, so Myking had a lot to do with influencing Just-Life in the lessons. Sudan and Divine came around and became very influential in building this nation in Los Angeles.

At this time, there way only one brother who ran with us that wasn’t from the 5% but you would never be able to tell. He didn’t eat pork and he didn’t believe in no spook. After all his contact with the Gods, He became King Born, one of the most powerful thinkers among the first born. One of the last to become what we call the first born of Love Allah is Knowledge Born, by way of Just-Life doing his duty in South Central. Just-Life was the first of us to have his own apartment, so home was like a hangout for the Gods. If you didn’t see you’re a-alike anyplace, you were sure to see them at Just-Life’s home. We were young and fueled by the knowledge of ourselves. Someone who was very influential and added to our growth and development was Lord Jamel by way of Queens. Him being old enough to be our father, it came as a shock to some of us, seeing a 5%er his age. He used to get us together like an old griot, take us through our lessons, give us history, and tell us these stories that every God over 30 has. He was a major factor in organizing our first parliament in early 1990 at Leimert Park in the Crenshaw district. His presence was truly a blessing to the first born of Love Allah.

When we began having these Parliaments, our popularity grew stronger than ever. People driving by would see a group of men, standing in a cipher in the middle of the park. People came from all over, trying to find out who these young 5%ers were. Along with those who came to learn, were those who came to challenge us. When the Sunni Muslims heard about a group of young men who called themselves Allah, they wasted no time in trying to dispute this. There was a mosque right across the street from where we held our rallies. They constantly came harassing and threatening the Gods. Even the N.O.I. and the young F.O.I. challenged the Gods, but we still maintained and continued to teach. All praise to Allah. The mosque across the street was burned down during the riots, and the N.O.I. grew to understand and respect us after Farrakhan himself came and taught on the 5% in a private register Muslim meeting.

1991, King Born and I took a trip to New York on music business, so this was an opportunity to make our pilgrimage home to Mecca. I was overwhelmed with excitement about going to the Allah School in Mecca. While on my visit, I found that a lot of the lessons I learned over the years were incorrect, but the elders saw to it that I was set straight and sent back to L.A. on the right track, with a job to do. On our return to L.A. we shared everything we had learned with the first born. King Born, Just-Life and I were the first to learn 120 Lessons.

Now, there is a whole new generation of Gods in Love Allah that is taking it to the next level. I’m considered an elder here at the age of 23. This brief history that I’m sharing with you is an example of how our Father Allah’s teachings have spread and affected the lives of people in places he’s never seen. Not only is there a history here in L.A but there is a history in Texas, Washington, Louisiana and Alaska because I’m in contact with Gods from these places.

It is a must that we open the means of communication with Gods & Earths in other places to ensure that the teachings of our Father are not diluted, mixed or tampered with. If we as a nation are active in other cities and states and vocal about how our teachings are implemented and taught, there will never be a misunderstanding on who we are and what we represent.

Love Allah’s First Born

1. Demiek Allah
2. Lord Mustafa, renamed Born Allah
3. MyKing Allah
4. Justice, renamed Just-Life Allah- (Returned to the Essence)
5. Sudan Allah
6. Divine Allah
7. King Born Allah
8. Knowledge Born Allah

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