Why We Are Not Muslims

Throughout the various religious Muslims communities there has been a wide discussion pertaining to the Nation of Gods and Earth (5% Nation of Islam). The charge that we are not Muslims and that we represent “true” Islam in a false way has been laid against us. The following will give some insight on why we don’t consider ourselves Muslims yet still utilize words such as Allah and Islam within our paradigm.

The Science of Islam vs. the Religion of Islam

We of the Nation of Gods and Earths study Islam as a Science not as a Religion. A Science must follow the scientific method in order to come to a right and exact conclusion. One must apply observation to extract immutable laws. The outcome must be able to be retested under similar circumstances and the same data must come into existence. A Religion is defined as a set of beliefs. In the case of Religion it is belief in that which cannot be detected by the senses. It is the belief in an astral, invisible God.

A Muslim, by definition, submits himself to Allah. In the religious paradigm Allah is not Muslim for he doesn’t submit to Self. In the Nation of Gods and Earths the Black man is defined as God. God does not submit. A Muslim upholds the five pillars; declaring there is no God but Allah, prayer, the tax for the poor, fasting, and the pilgrimage to Mecca The Nation of Gods and Earths does not hold itself to any of these. We do not claim to be Muslim

Why We Utilize Words Such As Allah And Islam

First there is a distinction between what is to be considered “Muslim” and what is just “Arabic.” The two are not interchangeable. There are many who are classified as Arab whose Religion is Christianity, Judaism, etc… They all speak Arabic.

Allah and Islam are “Arabic” words and not “Muslim” words. Islam means peace. The word “Islam” is not “owned” by the “religion” of Islam. We utilize its “original” definition. Allah translates as “The God.” Does the “religion” of Islam own the concept of “God?” No. God in Arabic is ilah and since there are no capital letter in Islam the in the form of Al was added to make this rendering unique. Yet, all in all, it is still the God.

We utilize “arabic” for it underscores our utilizations of Mathematics as the Foundation for our Science. Numerals are represented as “arabic” numerals in Mathematics. Therefore we utilized various “arabic” words to show this connection.

Even in the religious paradigm the prophets of the Bible practiced “Islam.” They did not have to wait for the prophet Muhammad to come and reform the religion of Islam for them to be accepted by the creator. If we utilize the five pillars they were not Muslim yet they practiced Islam.


In closing I would just like to say that we are not Muslim, nor do we claim to be. God is not a Muslim. God does not submit.

Sincere Allah Merciful God

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