Our Flag


Red- The sun: It covers the Whole Flag; it provides nourishment, life and light to the planets.

The five pointed star- the star is Green, which represents the land of Earth, it has five points, which are symbolic to:

  • Love — Thy love of Allah, ourselves and the Asiatic nation.
  • Truth — Which is our square, for with no love or truth there is no Asiatic nation.
  • Peace — The goal of mankind is union with Allah.
  • Freedom — What all righteous and upright Moors strive for and maintain.
  • Justice — If the four above points are not met or kept one shall receive justice, which is a black and red sword.

The flag has four points on 90° angles all equaling 360°, a completion, and the five pointed star has five points on 72° angles equaling 360°. A black line, which symbolizes the Earth in the darkness of space, bound the space, bound the star and the red (light) shines and gives it light.


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