Greater Moorish Commonwealth Enrollment and Passport Application

Given Name(s):
Chosen Name(s):
Mailing Address:
Latitude and Longitude:
Time Zone:
Date of Birth:
Date(s) of Rebirth:
Place of Birth:
Miracles Attending Birth:
Notable Forebears:
Hereditary Titles:
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Stomping Grounds:
Where do you hold court?:
Personal Saints:
Guiding Lights:
Guardian Angels:
Official Seals:
Coats of Arms:


1.  Who are you?
2.  What is your void?
3.  To what does your will tend?
4.  How do you realise yourself?
5.  By what force?
6.  Declare your attractions and repulsions.
7.  Define your glory.
8.  State the hierarchy of beings.
9.  Name happiness.
10. Name sorrow.

Please list skills, services, access to tools and materials, connections, disconnections, escape routes, hiding places, supernatural powers, etc., that you would be willing to consider making available to the Commonwealth in time of need.  Hint at those whose usefulness would be undermined by naming them.


Are you physically capable of service in the Moorish Salvation National Guard?  Would you be willing to consider such service in time of need?


We have detectives everywhere, but we can always use more.  You are encouraged to file regular reports on your observations and to participate in efforts to keep our people informed of significant developments.


Are you willing to don the fez, or other appropriate headgear, on ceremonial occasions?


Are you willing to take responsibility for certain far-flung territories, either by making claims in the name of the Commonwealth or by being granted jurisdiction by the Moorish Observatory or other official bodies? (e.g.: planetesimals of the Earth-crossing asteroid families of Aten, Apollo and Amor; as yet uncharted cavern systems, large icebergs, uninhabited islands, sunken galleons, geosynchronous orbits, etc., as well as your own immediate, personal, physical and psychic space.)


You are encouraged to speak for worthy, voiceless lifeforms, to act as their advocate and defend what you percieve to be their best interests.  The choice is yours, but the Moorish Observatory will be glad to assign you a foster species, if you prefer.


Please include any questions you may have at this time, as well as any comments, proclamations, panegyrics, denunciations, rants, etc.


All of the above questions are optional and voluntary.  A name (given or chosen) and a mailing address, along with payment of processing fee, are sufficient to recieve your passport.  As a sovereign free spirit you are fully entitled to produce your own passport, and to register with the Observatory or not, as you choose.


Please sign your completed application, and/or afix your personal seal or other unique mark signifying your own self.  Include the date (and the calendar system, if other than the usual).



7 Responses to “Greater Moorish Commonwealth Enrollment and Passport Application”

  1. how do you just join the moorish salvation national guard?

  2. I’m a member of the Moorish Salvational National Guard are you prepared to be trained in the uplifting of the Falling?

  3. Islam, where do we have to send those informations to get a passport ? Thanks.

  4. How do I obtain a passport through your services

  5. Check out the Moorish Orthodox Church on Facebook, they’ll hook you up with everything you need.

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