Moorish Qualities and Their Attributes: A Brief Exploration

The below represent a small listing of possible Hermetic arrangements for the six Moorish qualities found in the work of the MOC. Included are the Elements, Magickal Weapons, Direction, Time of Year, Station of the Sun, Elementals, Archangels with their Islamic equivalents in parentheses, Angels, Hebrew God Names, and Islamic God Names. In some cases it was not possible to include an entry due to the nature of the elemental attribute of the quality: Active and Passive Spirit. This is a dynamic list and revisions and criticisms would be most appreciated.
– Mustafa al-Laylah Bey

  1. Love – Water, Cup, West, Autumn, Sunset, Undines, Archangel Gabriel (Jibra’il), Angel Taliahad, Hebrew God Name AL or EL (God)[Gematria (Hebrew): 31], Islamic God Name # 47, AL-WADUD (The Loving One)[Gematria (Moroccan): 2,317]
  2. Truth – Air, Sword, East, Spring, Dawn, Sylphs, Archangel Raphiel (Azra’il). Angel Chassan, Hebrew God Name YHVH (Tetragrammaton)[Gematria (Hebrew): 26], Islamic God Name #51, AL-HAQQ (The Truth)[Gematria (Moroccan): 807]
  3. Freedom – Fire, Wand, South, Summer, Noon, Salamanders, Archangel Michael (Mika’il), Angel Aral, Hebrew God Name ALHIM (God as Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine)[Gematria (Hebrew): 646 or 86], Islamic God Name # 21, AL-BASIT (The Reliever)[Gematria (Moroccan): 604]
  4. Peace – Spirit Passive, The Crown, Infinitely contracting central point, Nadir, Archangel Sandalphon, Hebrew God Name AGLA (Notariqon for: Ateh Gibor Le-olam Adonai – “Thou art Mighty Forever, O Lord)[Gematria (Hebrew): 35], Islamic God Name #5, AS-SALAAM (The Savior or the Bestower of Peace)[Gematria (Moroccan):1,632]
  5. Justice – Earth, Disk, North, Winter, Midnight, Gnomes, Archangel Auriel (Israf’il), Angel Phorlakh, Hebrew God Name ADNI (The Lord)[Gematria (Hebrew): 65], Islamic God Name #28, AL-HAKAM (The Just)[Gematria (Moroccan): 1,507]
  6. Beauty – Spirit Active, The Lamp, Infinitely expanding sphere, Azimuth, Hebrew God Name AHIH (I Am)[Gematria (Hebrew): 21], Islamic God Name #1, ALLAH (Encompasses all other names)[Gematria (Moroccan): 1,801]

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