Serpent Flame Mosque


In 1994, Hakim Bey published a writing in the Moorish Science Monitor called “SIJIL: The Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber” in which he identified three orders within the Moorish Orthodox Church split according to the three main monotheistic religions of Jerusalem.

  1. The Fatimid Order (relating to Islam)
  2. The Order of Jerusalem (relating to Judaism)
  3. The Order of the Paraclete (relating to Christianity)

Bey expanded on this saying, “Moreover, the Adept Chamber feels a need to add yet more Orders and/or Degrees to its structure, and openly encourages M.O.C. members to form – for example – pagan/druidic/shamanic, Buddhist, Taoist, Tantrik, or other orders;”

It is with great pride that the Serpent Flame Mosque reveals its alliance with the Moorish Orthodox Church as one of its orders, the Order of the Serpent Flame.

Our influences are varied but our focus is mainly geared towards Paganism (particularly in the sense of Brother Bey’s essay “Paganism”). We are not crystal-toting, tree-hugging, ‘harm none’ Wiccans, but devotees of various Pagan deities and celebrators of festivals.

We are heretical in that we explore a lot of the paths and teachings ignored by most White-Lighter Neo-Pagans. Our influences are widespread and include Hindu Tantrika and Voudoun, Discordianism and Robert Anton Wilson, Thelema and sorcery, chaos magick and Setianism…and the spectrum of Pagan religious experience.

We are also heretical in that we claim no particular reverence for Noble Drew Ali like the rest of our M.O.C. brethren. We appreciate the great heritage and inspiration of our Church but cannot be enthused about the Circle Seven Koran that speaks about Jesus Christ and Allah.

If we were to have an equivalent figure, it would probably be the infamous Aleister Crowley, whose teachings we may not agree with always but whose enduring legend and infamy still inspires many.
Crowley was an asshole but an enlightened asshole. He celebrated divinity through poetry and song, through alcohol and hashish, through travel, magick and sex. We do not encourage the slavish devotion to his ideas and writings that seems prevalent among Thelemites but we encourage use of the spirit of Crowley as a source of inspiration much as Noble Drew Ali has for the rest of the M.O.C.

Like the M.O.C. and Crowley, we also espouse a reverence for the romance of the Middle East. We also are proud to point out that Mecca was once full of idols. Although it is widely known as Solomon’s seal, we point out that on the very red and green flag of Morocco one can behold a pentagram.

Chaos Never Died!
Serpent Flame Mosque, M.O.C. Daytona Beach, Florida

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