The Twelve Jewels


Is to know, look, listen observe and respect. To retrieve information based on fact and record that which is true.


Is wise words based on facts, to speak what you know. Wisdom is wise ways, actions and thoughts used to educate others on what is true.


Is to comprehend what one hears and sees. Understanding is to have insight as well as eye sight.


To release from obligation and control. To have the ability to progress without hindrance.


Is to reward the good and correct the wrong.


Is to have equal opportunity to express ones thoughts and or ideas; whether wrong or right. One must take that which is of quality (good) to aid in the development and growth of ones self (Nation).


Is that which nourishes the body, physically as well as mentally.


Is the garments one wears on the outside to show what one sees on the inside. The moral and decent coverings ones wears to protect them from shame.


Is a place of refuge in the wilderness to protect one from the elements of the jungle.


Is to desire for your brother or sister what you want for yourself.

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